May 28, 1994- Two Trips to “Haul Ass” – Reblog

Oh I couldn’t pass this one up. It scares me how full of and hate and holier than thou isms this poor man spews on a daily basis.

Today in Heritage History

Today in Heritage History, May 28, 1994, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh (43) marries his second “slut” and “prostitute” (who unlike Sandra Fluke apparently really did expect to be paid to have sex), Marta Fitzgerald (35).


P.S. At the risk of violating my fourth wall, as a Veteran (I know…hard to believe… such a reverent guy like me…huh?) I would like to wish all my fellow Veterans and readers who know, have had, or love a Vet somewhere, a Happy Memorial Day. And I also send a warm thank you for being a dedicated defender of the privilege for all ill-humored authors to be ill-humored…everywhere. Happy Day..and Semper Fi!

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