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home office

I’m always checking out cutesy pictures of home offices and I decided that today I’d share my home office. My desk is a barbecue gadget, yep. I do have to evacuate to the table when the Hubman decides to use his gadget to cook on, but he rarely barbeques early in the morning when I write so it works out pretty good.

I set up wireless networking in the house a few years back and it works out great. I can use my laptop anywhere in the house or yard. In bed, sitting in a tree, lying in a lounge chair, hiding in the bushes when I’m having a paranoid day, even in the tub, but that’s a bit risky.

I’ve even used it when hiding in the corner of the yard around the side of the house when I was trying to pretend I wasn’t sneaking a cigarette. The Hubman figured it out though. When I finally fessed up he said “oh I knew it anyway, I could smell it on you a mile away. Well fine! Hope you had a good time watching me sneak around and brushing my teeth 57 times a day. Maybe I could win some kind of dental hygiene award?

I do use my Kindle in the tub, but I put in a zip lock plastic bag so if I drop it in the water all is not lost. Would need a pretty big baggy to fit a laptop in it, but I could probably do it with an iPad. I haven’t gotten one of those yet. Maybe at Christmas time.

One the reasons I love writing outside so much is that sitting at the desk in my office feels too much like being back in the cubicle when I was working and chained to my desk. But it is also very relaxing to sit outside and feel the breeze, hear the birds sing, and watch the sky do its thing. I don’t think there is enough money in the world to get me back in a corporate office building. The very thought of it almost gives me hives. Never again!!!

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  1. I never could handle the coorporate cubicle. Like to move around too much. Laptop in the tub? That had me laughing, although I admit to taking mine in the bathroom just not the tub. That’d take one heck of a baggy!

    1. Yea 🙂 I was thinking about one of those space bags you see on TV that you an put a blanket in it and then suck all the air out with a vacuum cleaner. Worth a shot. I’ll try it with an older laptop . LOL

  2. What a neat idea! Necessity is the mother of invention.
    My home office (about which I’ve been thinking of posting) is very much the opposite of yours. It is a smallish (10×10) structure with only one small window–and that’s on the door. I have a very hard time working with distractions, and so we designed it with that in mind. I love it, and it works for me, but I suspect your office would better suit most people. It is a lovely idea!

    1. The 10 x 10 thing with one window would work for me if was like 80 below zero outside or something like that 🙂

  3. The mental picture of you sneaking a smoke then hustling to brush your teeth 57 times made me laugh out loud, for real. Love it!

    1. Always happy to make you laugh Miss Pink. The teeth brushing thing doesn’t get the smell out of ones clothes and hair evidently. It would be too much trouble to shower and change clothes 57 times a day though. That’s why I finally fessed up.

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