Big Tex Burns

Big Tex Burns « 100.3 Jack FM – Dallas, TX.

Big Tex burned to the ground this morning at the fair grounds. Why a burning statue fills me with sadness I don’t know, but it does. He’s been there welcoming us to the State Fair of Texas for 60 years. Also today bomb threats were called into a local college as well as a popular shopping mall. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes people just be crazy 🙁

Big Tex last Thursday

Big Tex Today 10-19-2012

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  1. I wondered about arson, too. I sure hope not.

    1. Oh so do I, sugar. But Big Tex will be back! He’s too tough to let a little fire be the end of him. Just like you!

  2. Oh no that’s awful! I almost wanna cry.I had started to comment on your Fair Ground post earlier,but got distracted.(Something about a corny dog craving along with how seeing the King Tut exhibit there as a kid sparked my lifelong love of all things ancient.)I love the Texas State Fair.This is tragic,R.I.P. Big Tex.

    1. It’s so weird isn’t it? The report was a electrical malfunction, but there was a lot of noise on twitter about arson.

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