How ‘Bout Those Orioles?… I Mean Ravens…Whatever

footballWe had a Super Bowl party here at Casa de Wacko yesterday. For those of you who are not in the USA, the Super Bowl is the culmination of a season long American Football orgy of running around clutching or throwing an oval-shaped object wrapped in pigskin. It also involves a lot of rolling around on the ground writhing in pain and having tantrums in the face of the cameramen.

Appropriate attire for this occasion is skin-tight pants, padding and helmets…for the players. For the fans, well we can pretty much dress however we like. We can paint our chest blue, or wear a giant wedge of plastic cheese on our head. I think there are some unspoken rules about this, but I’m not exactly sure what they are. I suspect the costume has to be vaguely related to the team you are rooting for.

king cake

King Cake

Mr. Husband really out did himself cooking yummy scrumptious food. He started cooking on Saturday. We had chicken and white bean chili, and homemade guacamole with chips. And because the game was in New Orleans and it’s close to Mardi Gras we got a traditional King Cake with raspberry cream filling from the Whole Foods Market. Oh lawzy mercy, what a feast!

I personally am glad the opposing teams have to wear different colors. If they didn’t I would not even know who I am supposed to yell about or when. It doesn’t really help me that much though. I groan and wince when someone gets slammed face first into the ground under a pile of players, no matter which team they are on. Seriously, if a group of guys behaved like this in vegetable isle at the super market they would all to jail. If I had any say in the matter.

The fascination with football eludes me. Sometimes I wonder if it is a form of gentile pseudo warfare for the modern male couch potato. I guess it’s better than having them out every weekend erecting trebuchets and bombarding neighboring towns with boulders, but not by much. Maybe men just gotta do what men gotta do?

I must confess that I harbor a bit of jealousy because the only time I hear Mr. Husband screaming with wild abandon or groaning in agony is while he is watching a game. He never screams about or at ME like that! ***dabs a tear with a lace handkerchief***

Our house did look like the remains of a battle field when it was all over and we all had a good time. Overall it was a great day.


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  1. Well that was awkward…just a little power outage in front of millions of people! It’s been such a Superbowl love fest for New Orleans and the city’s gotten great press so that was pretty darn embarrassing for somebody. However our team’s Superbowl hopes were dashed from the get go AND we had to cancel a Mardi Gras weekend.No,I’m not THAT bitter. 😉 P.S.your little king cake baby looks like he’s a Raven’s fan as he’s face down in the purple sugar,dawww.

    1. Did you hear they are blaming the power outage on Beonce’s high tech light show or her hair dryer? ha ha ha ha

      1. And I didn’t notice that the baby was face down. Too funny.

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