In Search of a Dongle

bluetooth dongle

bluetooth dongle

Leave to a man to call a little gadget sticking out of the side of a laptop a dongle!  Seriously guys, do you really want to innuendo-ize  a tiny little, easily lost or broken protuberance? Where is your creativity?

There are many parts to a computer that have gender based names. There are male and female cords. If you end up with 2 males or 2 female cords, you have to run to Radio Shack and buy an adapter to change the gender of 1 of the cords so that they can connect.

Yesterday I was searching for a Bluetooth dongle to be specific. I know I have 1 somewhere in my vast collection of gidgets and gadgets. I need this dongle because I bought the cutest little black box speaker that will connect to a computer or phone wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

I can play music on my main computer in the office and this lovely little box will stream it anywhere I chose to lurk it within 100 feet. The patio, the bathroom, the roof, the trunk my car, whatever. This gives me the ability to wander about the house and take my music with me. All without having ear buds crammed in my ears.

Unfortunately my main computer does not have blue tooth capability. Hence the need for this stupid dongle. I think it borders on criminal to market a computer as a “high-end gaming computer” and not have bluetooth! It’s outrageous I tell you.

Starting to feel like the princess in the story the Princess and the Pea, here.  She got a rough night’s sleep because she felt a pea under a pile of mattresses. Maybe I’m just too high maintenance. But, so what. I’m on the constant search to make my life more peaceful, beautiful and inspiring. If a dongle is necessary to further this aim then that’s what I will get.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of a dongle until I saw the YouTube sketch called ‘My Blackberry is Not Working’.

    1. dongles do come in handy. funny you saw it on YouTube 🙂

  2. How’d they come up with “dongle” anyway? The dictionary says, “probably an arbitrary coinage.” Arbitrary indeed, maybe, or they had as you suggest something on their minds. Funny.

    1. LOL – arbitrary coinage. Yea right! Based on knowing the geeks I hang with, there is nothing arbitrary about it.

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