NEVER – Pass Up a Chance to be Happy!

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln

Be Happy!

Be Happy!

Thou shalt not raineth on my parade, sayeth the Lord. I’m paraphrasing here, but I know there is something like this the Bible. There has to be. It just makes too much sense.

I got up one morning, made the bed and put some clothes on. Boo-yaa! I loaded the dishwasher and left the house for no particular reason other than I felt like getting out and about and talk to people. Slap me a High Five! Yowza!

There’s a reason why people came up with the phrases “party pooper,” “buzz kill,” “wet blanket,” “lead balloon,” etc. Why? Because people who do that are annoying as hell, that’s why!  I’d rather be thought of as the village idiot than bow down and shuffle around being appropriately unhappy over whatever the downer Du Jour is.

This societal opinion that there is something wrong with a person who is fundamentally happy has even made it into medical jargon and side effect warning labels. For example; a few years ago, while dealing with nerve pain from a herniated disk in my neck, the doctor prescribed a med called Lyrica. Sitting at home later I read all the warning jargon and disclaimers. One of the side effects listed was “excessive happiness.” Say what? Well bring it on, Bubba. Where do I sign up?

What exactly is the definition of excessive happiness anyway? If you’re perched on top of a book-case wearing a clown suit and a sand bucket on you head, singing show tunes, while making paper dolls from the pages of collector’s edition books…is that excessive happiness? Yeah maybe so, but it really does depend on the situation. If the books and the book-case belong to you and you’re smack in the middle of a roaring clown themed party you’ve thrown…it’s not excessive at all.

A wedding is a classic example of an excuse to be happy. 2 people who are in love have decided to make a commitment to be together and stand by each other through thick and thin. Oh happy, happy day! I don’t wanna hear any shyte like “half of all marriages end in divorce” or “I give them 6 months tops” at a wedding reception. I’ve already heard it all a thousand times and don’t need to hear it again, especially today. And furthermore,  excuuuuuse me, but the other half of all marriages end up in, you guessed it, a long happy marriage.

And the part about “this is not going to last,” Oh please, do us all a favor, leave your stupid crystal ball at home and get with the program here. Dance, flirt, eat too much, wear a silly hat and laugh so hard that champagne shoots out your nose.  I wasn’t raised in a hill-billy neighborhood so I’ve never attended a shotgun wedding. At every wedding I’ve been to the bride and groom were willing participants in this happy day.

Just for today, check you pessimism at the door and be happy. It’s not going to kill you. I swear on a stack of bibles.

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