Braggin on My Sis

Hey all,

This is one of those days that it feels good to talk about someone besides “you know who.” (me)

So today is a brag about a sister day. She was part of a dance performance last night in New Orleans. She is the fine young lady standing to the right of the column at the top of the stairs.

Sister's Dance Performance

Sister’s Dance Performance


4 responses

  1. looks like fun! I wish they offered tap classes for adults at our dance studio.

    1. They don’t? Shame on them! I know people who claim it’s great exercise. Have you asked them about giving it a try? If they have a good business head maybe they will recognize it as an opportunity. Give the mothers something to do while their kids are in class besides mess with their cell phone.

    1. You look fabulous. Wish I could have been there to see it live.

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