Painting With a Twist

Painting with a twistMy sweetie pie of a girlfriend arranged an evening at the Painting With a Twist shop as belated birthday present. I never heard of it before she suggested it. I’m so glad she did. We had soooo much fun.

Painting With a Twist is a venue that offers you an evening of guided painting. They provide the canvas, paint brushes, paint, etc. and you bring wine and cheese or whatever snicky snacks you prefer. The session is arranged by going online to their website and choosing a picture. Then you sign up for the date that instructions for the picture if offered.

The instructor takes about 15 people through a 2 hour guided tour of how to paint a picture. There are times when you take a break to let your painting dry a little between layers, so we all wandered around with our wine comparing paintings and talking with the other people in the shop.

I’ve dabbled in painting but never had any formal training, so I learned a lot just from that one sitting. I’m hooked and fully intend to make a habit of doing this. We had a blast.

Painting with a twist2

My first painting using acrylics

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  1. I always wondered about those classes. Cool. 8)

  2. I wish I had a tenth of your talent, young lady.

    1. Why thank you Mr. Hook. We all have our talents. Yours is dealing with outrageous individuals with a great deal of aplomb. 🙂

      1. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful! My dad used to paint with acrylics, and they always seemed pretty easy to use. Less fussy than oils or watercolors.

    1. Why thank you. I love acrylics. Much less of a mess than with oils.

  4. C’est trey bon! What a great idea. It’s fun to see your two paintings side by side for comparison.

    1. Yes the comparison was interesting. There were some Mexican ladies in the class and their paintings had a definite Hispanic flair.

  5. This looks like a lot of fun – what a creative way to spend an evening!

    1. Yes it was a lot of fun. And I ended up with a painting to take home with me. Woo yah!

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