Lazy Days of Summer

relaxAfter I come out of a funk brought on by familial wackiness I have this tendency to go on a major personal improvement campaign.  But I stopped myself short a little while ago and thought “hey, what the hell are you doing? You can’t fix them, so you’re going to wear yourself out trying to fix yourself?” Well guess what? I’m not broken! Yeah, I may have a bit of wear and tear in a few places, but so what.

What I’ve decided to do now is have a stay-cation. I officially declare myself on vacation in my own house. It’s a great place to hang out when I let myself. Got beer and food in the fridge and a nice patio with a smoking area. I can play in sprinklers or run around naked in the back yard if the mood hits me. It’s the dog days of summer here in North Texas and the thermometer is going to pass the hundred degrees mark today.

Thanks to Mr. Husband’s collecting habits we have more Blu rays than a video store so I can do a 3 day marathon of Sci Fi or whatever my little heart desires. I get so caught up in the melodrama that I forget to stop, step back and realize my wonderful surroundings. Maybe I’ll go to Walmart and get myself a kiddy pool and vegetate in it while drinking margaritas. Yeah, now we’re talking! I tend to forget that I’m retired and therefore can do anything I want to do…or nothing at all 🙂 I’ll let all my calls go to voice mail and chillax in grand fashion.

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  1. The like button on your page is loading weirdly–as in not loading at all. But I like this idea. Take a break from the rest of the world, and take advantage of being safe and comfortable at home.

    1. I got the idea from my daughter of all people. I had never heard the phrase stay-cation before. I’m enjoying it a lot. Watched a whole boat load of campy sci fi shows in Netflix yesterday. I may finish a painting I started and cast aside today. The like button is acting squirrely, but I think it’s a WordPress issue.

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