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I have to share this. It is very thought provoking.

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  1. Maybe she’ll brag about it to the wrong stranger one day. Or, since kids have radar for when to ask the most inappropriate questions at the worst time in loud clear voices in front of the most number of people possible, I can only hope this woman’s kid eventually will get her busted. “Mommy why are you putting that in your purse? Mommy we didn’t pay … why do I have to put this under my shirt, Mommy the price tag itches!’ It’s hard enough trying to shop with a baby, I couldn’t imagine trying to be covert. She’s just going to make it harder for everyone else when it becomes standard for babies to get frisked leaving the store. I suspect that if this woman with means had been any other color than white the conversation may have gone down an ugly path pretty quickly.
    Remember Wynona Ryder’s bizarre shoplifting stunt? She brought her own scissors! Anything she managed to steal was ruined from cutting out the security devices. It ended up helping her career.

    1. I hope she does brag to the wrong person and soon. What an incredible beotch. Hubman and I are in an income bracket where we may be targeted as having “more than enough” money and I worry about my retirement account getting raided by said government. I think I’m going to withdraw all my money and put in my mattress!

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