How to Accidently Write a Book

write the bookYesterday when I published my post about stress WordPress popped up a little window announcing that it was my 450th post. Wow, I didn’t realize how prolific I have been these past few years. Then I got to doing some math. Hmm, I’ll say my average post is 500 words. They are usually longer, but I’m using a conservative estimate here. Multiply that by 450 and I get 225,000 words. The average fiction book is between 80,000 to 120,000 words. So I’ve written the equivalent of 2 books since I started this blog. A rather interesting factiod, if I do say so myself.

So all the stuff the experts say about book writing is starting to ring true for me. To not the let the size of the project overwhelm me, but rather just do a little writing on it every day, not matter what, and eventually voila, I have the first draft. I know I have a book in me somewhere and I work on it sometimes in spurts. But the doing it in spurts methods makes it much harder. If I put it down for months and come back to it, I’ve completely forgotten what I was aiming at and practically have to start over. Sheesh, I have trouble remembering what I ate for breakfast yesterday.

Another reason I know I have a book in me is because I’m told by friends and relatives, freakishly often, when listening to some wacky adventure I had way back when, tell me flat-out “You should write a book! This stuff needs to be in writing.”

So this morning I’m re-inspired. I finally accept at a gut level that it doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Just chip away a little every day. Doing a little everyday will keep the whole thing fresh in my head. That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

I’m having temporary technical difficulties accessing my stored snippets. The external storage device I store the draft on has decided not to speak to my new network after getting AT&T Uverse installed. But this is a minor problem and one that I can probably solve in a few minutes with only a medium level of cursing to add to the melodrama. It’s just another excuse though. And I swear I’ll get right on it…as soon as I get back from our trip to Seattle, (we leave tomorrow). The Pacific Northwest and a wedding…life just doesn’t get any better. Booyaa!



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  1. Congratulations! You must be my reflection across the pond – I relate to your book writing, or lack thereof, experience as if you were narrating my own. I am new to the blogging culture but seems already addicted. For me, this rambling is a way to hold on to the student days for just a little longer. I longed for time to do whatever I wanted and now that I have it in abundance I appear to have nothing to fill it with.

    1. You’ll figure it out. It takes time and unfortunately a bit of effort 🙂

      1. Indeed. Well, your funny blogs do make the time go by easy so keep them coming and perhaps give my page a visit if you fancy a bit of something weird 🙂

  2. I’m well over 500 now. I don’t know if I’d quantify it as a book, per se, but at least it’s gotten me writing regularly again.

    1. Oh that’s great! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! That’s a lot of posts! Put them all together and you have a ready-made book.

  4. Congratulations on your 450th post! Good for you! Look at ya, taking college art classes and even maintaining a blog at the same time all these years. You’re gifted in time management, my friend. Contrary to myself because I had to close my blog. Keep up the great work and great art work too!

    1. Actually I’m gifted with lots of time, something I wanted all my life and finally achieved. I retired from my job about 6 months after starting this blog and never looked back. Frankly, now I don’t know how I ever had time to have a job. 🙂

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