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Well with all this horrifying hoop de la going with that shooting at the navy yard in Washington my life somehow seems trivial in comparison. And that my friends is why I think watching the news is bad for the psyche!

So anyway, back to my life. As I mentioned what seemed like eons ago but was actually only a couple of weeks, Mr. Husband and I went to Seattle to attend a cousin’s wedding and visit a friend who lives on an island a short ferry ride from the city.

The wedding turned out to be a wonderful and joyous event as weddings often do, but it was a comedy of errors getting there in the first place. The groom chose a location way out in the boonies, a Christmas tree farm owned by a friend of his father. The whole wedding party and prep team moved out there the Wednesday before the Saturday wedding day.

It quickly turned into a temporary mini city with campers, people down by the lake in tents and the whole shebang, almost another Woodstock. Their family is a good fit with ours because that sounds like something we would do. AFTER they got down there it occurred to them that there is no cell phone coverage so people coming in from out-of-town had no way to reach them.

The only way to reach anyone at the farm was to leave a message at the main house which had a land line. Then they had to leave the property and drive up the hill near the town to return calls and check text messages. They gave out the wrong number, oopsie, then finally figured it out and gave out the right one the day before the wedding. To make it even more comical, the wife of the owner of the property decided, right at this crucial, time to go on a telephone blab-fest with her girlfriends and ignore call waiting in the process so no one could get through.

But it all worked out and we figured out how to get there on our own. It was a good 2 hour drive southeast of Seattle. We had an interesting talk with the owner of the farm. The property is 20 miles South West of Mount St. Helens and when she blew their farm was covered with 6 inches of volcanic ash. Good fertilizer eventually, but it did kill off all the Christmas trees and they had to start over.

In the end a good time was had by all. I wish the happy couple a long and loving life together.


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