Our Cat Has Pneumonia

Knick KnackYes, indeed our beloved feline has pneumonia. I didn’t even realize that could happen to cats. This poor kitty picked his parents well when he adopted us. He has been the most high maintenance cat I’ve ever had. My sneaking suspicion it is because he’s male. I never had these problems with female cats. Oh, just kidding…well no I’m not, actually. Human males can be a bit high maintenance as well, in my experience.

In retrospect, Mr. Kitty had been trying to tell us he’s not ok with bizarre behaviors; inappropriate urination – on the stove, my shoe, a pile of laundry, hacking up unmentionable ectoplasm all over the house, pawing at us and then running to hide. But when he started gasping for breath we finally figured out he was in crisis and rushed him to the vet.

So now we have a kitty with pneumonia and have to give him medicine twice a day and hope for the best. Giving a cat medicine is no easy task. Of course it doesn’t take him long to figure out our nefarious plan and hides. Then it falls to me to drag him yowling, hissing and scratching out of whatever his hidey hole du’ jour is. We wrap him up in a bath towel like a burrito, so he can’t claw us to shreds, and then give him a dropper full of antibiotic and an anti-congestion pill. He of course struggles, growls, tries to get loose from his towel straight jacket and in general acts like we are skinning him alive for sport.

Just like a child, Kitty doesn’t understand that all these horrible things we are doing to him are for his own good. It reminds me of a sister when she was a kid. She fought like a banshee every single time she needed to take meds. She never did figure out that it was inevitable. She absolutely would not take medicine without a fight. It took 5 of us to hold her down. One sibling to each arm and leg, and one kid to hold her nose long enough for her to open her mouth so my Mom could pop in the medication. It’s sort of ironic really, because she’s swung to the opposite extreme in her adulthood and will take anything she can get her hands on.

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  1. Oh dear God, no! My hopes and prayers are with you and your lovely feline boy. May he get better very soon!

  2. I hope your poor fella gets well soon. It’s so easy to give dogs meds – just add peanut butter, but I couldn’t imagine trying to give a cat anything. If a five star chef prepared a five course meal using nothing but salmon, and my Meow Meow suspected I actually wanted her to eat it, she’d likely ignore it just because ya’ know she’s a cat.
    I’m reminded of when as a kid I had to take some bright neon orange horse tranquilizer sized pills for some illness. I was scared to swallow them so I ended up hiding them all through the living room (in the couch cushions, under the chairs, etc.- not sure why I didn’t just throw them away, kid logic go figure?) eventually Momzelle started finding them… By that point I was well so she had a good sense of humor about it.

    1. LOL, it’s a good thing Momzelle had a sense of humor. By the time you came along she’d run out of kids to hold you down. 🙂

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