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This past month of unintentionally taking a break from blogging taught me a lot. One thing it taught me was that it won’t all come crashing down on my head if I need to step back and deal with private issues. I know, I know, since I talk about just about anything that comes in my head, you may wonder what on earth could be all that private. Well I’m not going to tell you…directly anyway 🙂

In this last month of silence I got a whole lot of new followers, go figure. What a blessing. I love meeting new people online, in person or however the Cosmos choses to send them. Also people went right on commenting on older posts. I guess that button that says “click here for random post” is working after all. I don’t advocate neglecting your blog on a regular basis, but it seems that readers can be forgiving if we careen off the rails occasionally. I have created a body of work extensive enough that it can amuse people in my absence.

A few months ago, out of curiosity, I downloaded my entire blog. I ran a word count on it and guess what? It turns out that just from blogging alone I have written enough that if I had directed those words towards writing a book – I’d have written not 1 but 2 books by now. Wow, that’s a lot of words! Some of it may be total blather, but who is 100% every day? Not me, that’s for sure. There are days that I do well to manage to even speak a few words, let alone grab a whip and a chair and round them up into sentences and paragraphs and commit them to paper.

As I’m coming up on the 3rd year of blogging I’m doing a bit of pondering about what direction it’s going in. I’ve also been wondering about the different advantages, pros and cons of VS is a simple, easy and low-cost way to blog, but I’ve already passed that by and paid to have no WordPress generated ads on my site, I own my domain name, and I have a premium ($) theme. There are limitations to what I can do with my blog such as selected advertising that I am in control of and limits on what plugins I can run.

So here I sit on the blog fence. I should put a saddle on this sucker because I sit on the fence a lot. What kind a blog to have? What is my focus…my niche? Should I talk about “politically incorrect” topics? And what the hell is this SEO that everyone who claims to be a blog expert is talking about?? What to do, what to do? Or I could keep right on doing what I’ve been doing? Could be, but that shoe is starting to pinch a bit. I’ll figure it out…eventually.

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  1. Do whatever your heart desires, since that’s what you’d probably do anyway. 🙂 I love your take on the world, so I’ll keep reading no matter what.

    1. Thank you Mary 🙂

  2. CandyforbreakfastVeronica | Reply

    So glad you could use your experience in New Orleans for blog fodder…next time I won’t hold my tongue. Much kudos to you finding for your voice… as if you weren’t born with a tongue, thanks for being you .

    1. Hmm I wasn’t aware that I lost my voice? 🙂

  3. I say do whatever feels comfortable to you. I don’t just post about Bipolar disorder, I post music, book excerpts, quotes, research studies on different subjects. My main focus is, of course, manic depression, but I post what I feel attempting to help people understand what mentally interesting is. And, I hope it comes across that we are all different in our experiences. Maybe, I should post about that. I have noticed that mental interestingness comes in many, many flavors.

    I am with you on the v. issue. I have not yet purchased a premium theme, as I am undecided on which one I like best. I kind of like what I have going on now. It is simple, clean, black and white with very little “noise”. But, it does have those annoying ads. Maybe, you could write an eBook. All it really takes is organizing your posts, and a lot of editing. You have an interesting outlook and a unique voice. I am sure whatever you decide will be perfect for you.

    And, SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and has something to do with, I think, paying a certain amount to have your blog, website, etc., sort of fast tracked making it easier to find through a random search.

    Have a happy holiday!

    1. An Ebook? That’s an interesting idea. I’m going to get right on that! 🙂

      1. I think your life, and the way you approach it would make a fantastic eBook! You have such a great sense of humor even when things are a little wonky!

        1. Thank you 🙂

  4. I say keep on keeping on, no need for niches or to focus on certain subjects. Do whatever feels right and then hit the publish button. We’ll be here regardless, reading and commenting.

    1. Thanks, J.D. I’ve decided that my niche is me. I’m not going to set an arbitrary limit on what I talk about.

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