Yoga Makes You Bark Like a Chicken

vertigoI’ve been taking yoga classes for a couple of months and am really enjoying it. I have more energy, and feel more limber, and vivacious, until recently. Our Instructor has been doing yoga for 20 years and has that classic lithe yoga body and the whole “I can remain calm in the midst of anything’ attitude.

Last Monday, she decided to kick it up a notch to “loosen up our shoulders.” It loosened more than that for me. I started out on my hands and knees, and then progressed to sliding one arm under my torso and out the other side. At this point I’m sort of leaning on the side of my head with my behind in the air. Then I’m supposed to lift up the top arm and point it at the ceiling, all while breathing in my “natural breath.” After these contortions I felt like I’d either turned myself inside out or tied myself into a knot.

Something had to give and give it did. I rolled over on my back and looked up at the ceiling fan. That’s when I realized that the ceiling fan was not spinning. Instead the room was spinning. This kicked off a 4 day adventure through the fascinating world of vertigo. It culminated in scaring Mr. Husband half to death, a trip to the doctor and getting shot through a cat scanner to rule out unpleasant things like, brain aneurysm, brain tumor, etc. Yee Haw! Sitting in a wheel chair getting zoomed all over the place while your head is spinning is like riding Space Mountain at Disney Land, but not as fun.

My doctor told me that I probably had “transient positional vertigo,” whatever the hell that means and told me to go home and lay on my right side. After a day of boredom, that seemed to work and whatever shifted in my ear shifted back and now I’m fine. The vertigo went away as quickly as it came on.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a magnet for silliness. If something crazy can happen it happens to me. I guess it’s become my job to write about it. I’m going to continue with my yoga classes. I’m not going to let a silly little incident of vertigo prevent me from doing something I enjoy.

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