A Rabid Dog is Not a “Manageable Problem”

I’m not sure if incredulity is a strong enough word. But, my mouth is hanging open over the Obama’s statement that we can “control” ISIS. I usually try to take the evening news with a healthy grain of salt, but this is just downright ridiculous.

I didn’t have to grow up on a farm or anything to know that some animals are beyond redemption and the kindest thing to do is put them down. A second journalist was beheaded and posted on Twitter. I think this is a strong back up of the ISIS statement: “We will drown you in blood.” I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to get drowned in blood. It sounds extremely unpleasant.

We as Americans tend to live here in our bubble of safety and think this won’t happen to us. But it’s getting to the point where all one has to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time for things to go horribly wrong.

What kind of message are we putting out there when all we do is talk about forming a strategy when our citizens are being beheaded and the pictures posted on the internet for the entire world? It seems to me is what we are saying is “hey commit all the atrocities you want because all we’re going to do is form a committee to discuss the possibility of formulating a strategy of what we will talk about.” What we will not do is take any kind of action. Sheesh.

What do you think?

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