From Facebook to Face time

Recently and with great reluctance I went back to Facebook after a 2 year boycott. It is truly a mixed bag and a mixed blessing. Facebook is weird on soooo many levels.

One thing I’m discovering is that there is a major communication breakdown that comes along with the ease of “liking” and “sharing” posts, rants, and etcetera. People will post some outrageous bit of news or quote, without expressing their own point of view on what they are sharing. Me, being the say it like I think it, will respond with something like, “UH, that’s not really funny” or “Seriously? You really believe that?” Only then they will go on to explain “yea, it’s messed up right?”

It’s an eye-opening experience. The majority behave as if they believe that everyone else believes exactly as they do. I thought it was just my immediate circle of friends, relatives, and in-laws. But I’m wrong, wrong, wrong.

I end up staring at myself in the mirror and asking if I’ve lost my mind. No I haven’t lost my mind. I’m just a very literal-minded person. I’m accused of being “liberal” but that’s not really what I am. I’m beyond conservative in many ways. However I tend to keep some opinions close to the vest because I’m not suffering from the delusion that everyone thinks like me…or even an extremely small subset of people thinks like me. Come to think of it the ONLY person who thinks exactly like me….is me.

It might make Facebook easier to navigate if you could pick your own categories for the people in your circle. Friends, close, friends, etc. doesn’t cover it. I would have categories like friends, weird relatives, in-laws, people you want to keep at arm’s length but hear from occasionally, people you want to keep an eye on because you are convinced that they are bat crap crazy, and so on. A little more flexibility with categories would be a good thing.

Another part of Facebook that has completely gone around the bend is the gaming aspect. It has turned into an Amway pyramid or Mary Kay racket. The only way to progress in the game is to invite “friends” and get them to play too. The game masters want this because the games cost money to play now. What happened to a little mindless solitaire just to unwind?

Ok that’s all for my Facebook rant today. I’m going to go to Facebook and post this rant!

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