The More I Go to Doctors the Worse I Feel!

If had known I was going to live this long…I would have taken better care of myself. Author Unknown

Going to the doctor is a lesson in frustration at best these days. And you can’t even go to one doctor anymore. You have to pick yourself apart like Frankenstein’s assistant and go to 87 different doctors. My current list is: eyes, stomach, endocrine system (diabetes), neck, foot, allergist, skin, boobs, and ears. It’s positively gruesome! Going to the doctor is a full time job. How do people who are not retired fit this all into their schedule?

Did I retire just so I have the time to take care of my body parts? Sometimes I wonder…This is just downright ridiculous. Another thing that really REALLY chaps my grits is that when I do drag myself to one of to these doctors, they don’t even freaking listen to me.

Recently I went to the doctor because I suspect that I have post-menopausal sluggish thyroid, a common problem with women my age. My symptoms point to this pretty clearly. Tired all the damned time, extremely dry skin (I could slather myself with lard and it wouldn’t help), very low “normal” body temperature (97 on a good day,) feeling cold even on a day when it’s 100 degrees, and extremely high cholesterol. I have to run a fever to get up to a normal body temp.

I explained to the doctor that cholesterol meds make me feel like I’ve been dragged behind a truck after being run over by said truck several times. And I listed the above symptoms. He hummed and hawed, said “I see” and wrote me a prescription. I foolishly assumed that it would be something to help the thyroid situation. But NOOoOOoo.

I got to the car before looking at the paper work. Not only did he not give me anything for the thyroid symptoms, he wrote me a prescription for DOUBLE the amount the cholesterol meds that I had just explained was reducing my quality of life to that of a garden slug on a bad day. I was so outraged that I wanted to storm back in the office and declare that he was so stupid that he couldn’t poor water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel of the boot. Instead I decided to fire him. He doesn’t know this and I don’t care.

So back to square one. I’m going to go back to how I used to take care of myself. Attempt to figure out attempt to treat myself and find a doctor or some sort of alternative health practitioner that listens to the patient, and not the numbers on a test recommended by drug companies.

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  1. I haven’t gone to a doctors exams since 2002 and never felt better. I guess they call it a doctor’s exam because they are still trying to pass, perhaps, their own test. I had chronic bronchitis and I’m pretty sure it was because they spoon feed me antibiotics for 15 years. I almost choked to death getting off of them but I survived it. They told me I had it because I was a smoker. Guess what? Still smoking…no bronchitis. Having said that, it’s not that I think “health care” providers are bad or evil, I just came to the conclusion that, at least in this country, the HMO machine has taken away the responsibility and power we each have in our own health. Good Luck in your search for better health.

    1. Good for you. Doctors tend blame everything on smoking, instead of doing some actual diagnostics by listening to the patient. Takes too much time I guess. I fired a doctor once before because she branded me a “non compliant” patient in my medical file. I sneaked a peek at when she left the room. She wouldn’t treat my stomach ache because it was “caused by smoking.” I was having problems with asthma so I tried not smoking and it got worse, a lot worse. Then I discovered one day that the native american treatment for asthma was inhaling tobacco smoke. Go figure.

      1. what a coincidence…I just posted a story where someone is given a cigarette for allergies…hmmmm.

        1. Yes apparently they are not as evil as the tobacco Nazis let on. Clinical trials have also noted that they help with depression. I think what has happened is that people began to smoke cigarettes non-stop all day and THAT is what does them in. Not the occasional smoke.

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