Discussing Politics Makes Me Rip Out My Hair

Tweedle Dee

Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Agreed to have a battle;
For Tweedledum said Tweedledee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
Alice in Wonderland

Ever find yourself embroiled in a political discussion that has morphed into a battle? Now  your morals, intelligence, and even your right to exist on the face of the earth are called into question.

The last few days I’ve been attempting this fruitless activity on Facebook. First with my ex-husband and then with my son. Once again I remember why I hate Facebook and question my sanity for attempting to have a public discussion about anything more emotionally charged than which way the wind blows.

No I take that back. I say the wind is coming out of the east someone will attempt to rip my head off and say “the wind used to blow from the west and this means you don’t care about global warming. Therefore you probably put your cat in the microwave on a regular basis, and when you’re not doing that you spit on homeless people.” Say what? I give up. I usually end up thinking “I know you are trying to make a point, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.”

First my Ex fires a shot across the bow when I commented about how I don’t like how our government spends our tax dollars. “I think we should tax the rich until they bleed.” Oh come on. That’s a rather violent response, don’tcha think? This is coming from a man who used to work for the Internal Revenue Service and knows first-hand how convoluted and crooked the whole tax system is. At this point I murmur to myself, “Now I remember why I divorced your ass.”

Next comes my son. He was raised by his dad. His comments left me wondering “what the hell did your father read for a bedtime story? The Communist Manifesto?” He actually said something to the effect of “I don’t like how the government is spending our money, but I think there should be more taxes.”

I just don’t get it. I feel a migraine coming on. I must refrain from such useless and frustrating attempts to talk about politics. But dammit, sometimes I just can’t help myself. I have a brain and sometimes I like to use it.


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  1. On the Facebook conversations. Always has been a high emotional, short response of initial perceptions. Total recipe for disaster when attempting to debate one subject or another in an intelligent manner. Example, I have both left and right and center and republican and democratic views. What works for me works. What I see as epic failures I say as much.

    Politics in general has become so polarizing that everything get’s gridlocked into a quagmire of mediocre passing at best. Part of this I think is because of the train wreck we call the media. Yup, every single news and commentary outlet loves to give you a quick soundbite that sounds exciting or horrible and then people polarize based on that statement alone.

    *Soundbite* The Government want to raise your taxes*. Reality, average low wage earner or even mid range earner will only feel the real bite of sales taxes and still get money returned at the end of each year. Reality, High income earner may have some taxes added to the ones they constantly avoid through loop holes and funneling money to offshore accounts. Reality, Infrastructure, education, law enforcement, foriegn policy suffers everytime.

    Or-taxes do get raised and somehow the money disappears into the pockets of someone and none of the critical needs for our nation get addressed.

    Interesting, might be worth debating right? Except debating for the right or wrong of a given political view rarely uses actual facts or…suprise, REAL solutions to our nation’s issues.

    And yet we allow media and soundbites and unrealistic ideas to form our opinions which allows for such short sited yelling matches over the internet. At home if debate comes up, I always ask solutions that are viable using specific facts. I do the same in return. Often the wife and I find common ground there.

    1. Thank you for your well said reply. I apologize for waiting so long to respond. I agree that sound bites do nothing to help especially with the subject of politics. It seems that collectively our country has reached the point where we have the attention span of a gnat. People take a 30 second spot on TV and run with it, making it their life’s work to right the perceived wrong, not really knowing what the heck is really going on.

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