May You Live in Interesting Times

So hello to all you wonderful readers. I think I may have reached double digits in readership by now. 🙂 I hope you are all well and safe. I’ve become so bored by being quarantined that I’ve resorted to writing. It requires less energy than ripping apart the black hole formally known as my office to find my wayward Kindle reader. I know it’s in there somewhere, but I’m too fatigued to tackle the problem just yet.

I haven’t managed to get tested, but I’m pretty sure that I somehow contracted the Covid 19 virus. Starting about 5 weeks ago I woke up feeling a bit punk with a mild sore throat. Couldn’t really put a finger on it, but I just felt extremely crappy and odd. After a few days of wondering if I just had seasonally allergies, things progressed to a cough, fever and EXTREME shortness of breath. So bad that when I practically crawled to the potty from bed, I had to sit there a while to catch my breath before staggering back to bed. My entire universe contracted to just getting that next breath. Instead of one day at a time, it was one breath at a time.

At day 4 the cough progressed to being so violent that I lost control of my bladder several times. How undignified!!! Didn’t have a thermometer, but I was having fever, chills and sweating so severe that I had to change pajamas several times a night. At some point I was too exhausted to cope and find jammies, left the wet ones in a heap on the bathroom floor and just went back to bed naked. (unusual because I have never liked sleeping in the buff.) I also hallucinate when having fever. Ever since childhood, I see toy soldiers like in the Nutcrackers Ballet marching around on the ceiling when fever is there. Strange but everyone has a few oddities in their life.

Week 2 and digestive problems showed up, mainly explosive diarrhea. Sorry for the “to much information” portion of my tale, but there were times that I thought I was going to launch myself into a low earth orbit and wave at the people on the International Space Station as I zoomed by with a commode strapped to my ass. Also a rather bizarre and complete loss of appetite compounded by having no sense of taste or smell manifested. I wasn’t nauseated, but could only manage to choke down a few bites at most of solid food and subsisted for over a week mainly on Ginger Ale and beef and chicken bone broth that I fortunately had on hand.

So for 3 weeks I had severe coughing, fever, digestive issues, extreme shortness of breath, no appetite and extreme fatigue. I went through so many bottles of cough syrup, NyQuil/DayQuil combo packs, and Tylenol that I gave up keeping track. To be brutally honest there were a few times that I began to wonder if I was one of the ones that wasn’t going to make it. The fact that my husband, Mother, Son, and other family and friends would be upset if I didn’t was the only thing that kept me fighting.

So anyway going on week 5 now I’m on the mend. The physical issues have subsided, but now that they are gone I am beginning to realize how much whatever flu or virus had effected my brain function. Coherent thought was exhausting and sometimes down right impossible. I will be extremely happy when my brain kicks back into gear and I can think again.

Regarding doctors, I have a virtual visit scheduled with mine today. Her office is not receiving patients at their physical locations. I had to get the Zoom app and install it. Fortunately I’m computer savvy so it wasn’t a problem. I do feel sorry people who can’t do this. I had a over the phone consult with my Psychiatrist last week. Actually it was pretty cool. I wish that I could continue with the phone visits and not have to drag myself to her office and sit there and squirm while she taps away on computer and scrutinizes me. (I have bipolar disorder, lucky me)

So to all you lovely people. Stay safe, stay social distanced, love your family and friends and even strangers…. keep in touch. Please call or text people who live alone especially. They may desparately need help but are to embarrassed, to delirious to ask, or even realize they need help. Just dropping off some juice, sodas, cans of soup and broth, bottled water, medicine, toilet paper and Kleenex, etc, on their doorstep is an act of kindness more valuable than gold.

Love to all, take care and talk to you soon.

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