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Short Stories are a great way to keep your brain limber. The most fun I’ve had so far is crafting stories starting with a One or Two line sentence provided by a reader. These stories start with bolded text.

A Mere Shadow

Eva De’ Cocao had always thought of herself as a rather superfluous person. She tended towards the fringes, the by waters and tide pools of life. She dressed in an altogether non-committal way, preferring the edges of the wall to the center of the room.  continue reading ->

Dropping a Dime

Al drained his glass and placed it right back in the center of the coaster, never taking his eye off the dime that had been dropped by the door. A low voice in his ear said, “Hello Al, it’s time to pay up.” “Excuse me?” “I warned you.” “Warned me about what and just who the hell are you?” The stranger chuckled and sat his drink down next to Al’s. Al reached out with one finger and slid the drink away from his. continue reading ->

An Evening in the Lounge Car

“The only people who think capitalists are rational are communist” he declared with a magnanimous wave of his arm as if edifying the entire room. Sidney sipped her martini, frowned and asked “but what does that even mean, Taylor?” Another sip, “and I thought you were a conservative and a capitalist to the very bone?” “Oh I am, and proud of it!”  He proclaimed. continue reading ->

4 O’Clock

The bright sunshine streaming through her bedroom window warmed her face and appeared red through her closed eyelids, forcing her further away from her already half-forgotten dream. The phone, cradled in its dock on the nightstand read 4:00 a.m.….continue reading ->

Reality Show

She sat in the coffee shop sipping cappuccino. The morning sun flashed off her bracelet, temporarily blinding her. She changed the angle of her chair to get out of the sun.  It was a pretty bracelet but she hated it. And it was a pain in the ass to get it off and the hassle involved was not worth it.  A vibration jolted her, an unpleasant reminder to not to fiddle with the clasp. Oh well, back to reading a book. She chose an oldie but goody “The Turn of the Screw” to pass away the morning. No one would object to that, surely? continue reading ->

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  1. I love your stories! Keep Writing…

  2. I love your blog I am inspired !

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    So many great stories! Which one should I chose?

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