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R.I.P.D. – Some Things Can Not Be Unseen

RIPDWith some amount of trepidation Mr. Husband and I went to see the movie R.I.P.D. – Rest in Peace Department last night. Hence the title to this post: Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen. My apologies to all of those who put their heart, soul, time and wallet into this movie, but it was BEYOND BAD. Horrible, gross, disgusting, boring, dry heave inducing….I can’t come up with enough negative adjectives without doing a web search and I’m not going to put that much effort into it. We managed to wring a few chuckles out of it, but I think that was out of desperation, trying to make a bad experience better.

Five minutes into the movie I was ready to walk out and say “let’s just not do it and claim we did.” But I hesitated because I was afraid that I might be in one of those slightly manic moods where everything annoys me and I didn’t want to ruin the Hubman’s night out by stomping out of the movie in a fit of outrage. But looking back on my moods spectrum yesterday, I was fine until the first 5 minutes of this God awful movie. I was on the verge of not only demanding my money back but insisting that I be awarded damages for pain and suffering.

I don’t know exactly what they were aiming at with Jeff Bridge’s character. I think they were trying to produce a Texas lawman, but what they ending up with was a person who was trying to talk through a set of very bad dentures, or maybe a mouth full of marbles. Ryan Reynolds spent the majority of the film with a sort of deer in the headlights look on his face. My theory is that he was thinking “oh my God, I can’t believe how bad this movie is going to be.”

One trend that has been developing in Hollywood movies is a heavy reliance on CGI (computer generated images) and other special effects to the detriment of an actual plot and character development. I think all the creators of these movies should have to go to a court mandated Alfred Hitchcock 101 course. Hello, leave something to the imagination. What happened to suspense? The only thing to look forward to is that it’s going to get worse….a lot worse. Peeking through your fingers isn’t good enough anymore.

After last night I’ve seen enough blood, guts, vomit, dripping slime, food encrusted beards and all other sorts of yack inducing special effects to last me the next 5 lifetimes. It’s high time for a reality check. And also meditation on the theory of just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

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