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Insanity or Prudent Planning?


Riding my Hog at Silver Legacy in Reno

Is it sane to plan your next trip while bed ridden from the last one? Is it bad luck to pack an ankle brace? Maybe not, I pack band aids, stomach meds and aspirin, but do not plan to need them.

The luggage conundrum: Wheels or backpack? Depends on the situation. Wheels would have come in handy when I was limping through the airport on a bum ankle. Back pack is good when I’m striding through a crowd, head held high, smug in my superior packing light skills.

Backpacks can get away from you though. I found that out when I bent over to pick up a dropped item and almost did an Olympic somersault into the lap of a surprised but sympathetic fellow traveler. He saved me from that indignity by grabbing a handle on the pack and hoisting me to a standing position.

There is something about being fellow passengers on a canceled flight that brings that out in people. Most people, I stress, not the whiners and the “how dare you do this to me” people. They don’t count! Usually they are gone by then anyway. Scurried off to complain elsewhere, making other arrangements and just in general freaking out and shortening their lives.

Montana Sky

But really now, how many times in your life can you sit on a Harley in a Casino and not get arrested? How often do you see clouds so beautiful that you start humming Ghost Riders in the Sky. (Duane Eddy – You Tube)

How often do you order a steak medium rare and it arrives exactly right? They have it under control out on Amtrak. Some of the “best” steakhouses in Texas haven’t figured that out. And no, I’m not gonna saw into my steak with you standing there, Sonny. If it’s not right, it’s not right. We both know they’re gonna spit on it and slap in the microwave if I send it back. So go away, ya bother me.

Ah, life is good. My ankle will heal in time for our next trip. Off to Houston to attend the wedding of a niece. We will enjoy it.

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