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Help! I’m Held Captive by My Prescription Meds

held captive

I can’t go, it’s almost time for my refills

Got a call from the pharmacist the other day. “We can’t fill your prescription…yet. It’s too soon.” Too soon? Well it’s been less than 30 days, so we can’t refill it. Sez who? Are you telling me that I can’t call in a refill until I’m within one day of running out? Well evidently, the answer to that question is yes. “We can fill it tomorrow.” OOOkkk, you do that.

I got to thinking about that. This too soon thing has gotten way out of hand. It used to be between my doctor and me when I filled or refilled my meds. Now the pharmacy, the government, the insurance companies, the national weather service, and the DEA are all involved. Who am I in this scenario? Only the hamster that gets on the med wheel and spins it for everyone else’s amusement and job opportunity.

When I went to pick up this prescription, I asked who exactly made the decision that my refill was too early to fill. The answer was the insurance company. Excuse me, but I pay with MY cash money for my prescriptions. No insurance plan, public assistance, retiree benefit program, health care savings account or anything else has a toe in my prescription process. So who is this insurance company that’s telling me what I can or cannot do with my medicine?  The pharmacist’s eyes looked up, down, away, to the side. Ah Ha! He was lying and just pulling that out of his hat. It’s all computerized and he doesn’t really know the reason.

It would seem logical that having 30 day prescriptions for meds that they would all come due at the same time. But the reality is different. Who picked 30 days anyway? Was it a nice even number? Over the years refill dates get off kilter for one reason or another. I drop some on the floor. Another day I sneeze right after putting a pill in my mouth and it flies off into the blue yonder. I do make an effort to find them because I don’t want the cat or dog to find them. But, occasionally they get lost or have turned into a little tiny fur ball and I don’t want to put them back in my mouth.

So now my meds all come due at different times of the month. It’s ridiculous that the biggest hassle about planning a trip is trying to figure out which pill I’m going to run out of on the trip. It’s a royal pain in the@@! A pain that I intend to fix.

So figuring this out is on my action list now. Maybe I’ll have to have a sit down with my doctor and ask her what exactly I do when I’m going to travel and the little slit of a refill window for my meds comes in the middle of the trip. This problem has been floating around in my head for quite some time. Now that I have it out of my head and out on paper I realize that it was putting a major cramp in my planning process.

So now I have to organize my meds? Oh geez! But if I want unimpeded travel I have to do this. At some point I can turn it into a larger plan that involves working with the Doc to get OFF the meds. I got rid of the blood pressure meds by losing 10 pounds. The head meds, well that’s another story. Those seem to be on the agenda for a while yet.

Baby steps, Grasshopper.

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