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Where the Hell Have I Been?

bath day1

Bath Remodel Day 1

Well that’s what I’d like to know! I saw myself in the mirror this morning, so there is proof I’m still here. Sometimes I’m afraid to ask questions like this for fear people will talk to me in that soft kindly voice reserved for crazy people.

Have this weird feeling like I fell between the sofa cushions, found something interesting in there and stayed for a week and a half. When finally coming out I’d only been gone 5 minutes. Been reading a lot, watching oddball Sci fi movies that no one fessed up to having heard of. Dreaming all kinds of weird dreams. According to my husband crawfish is a feature in some of them. Well I do love them. Maybe it’s just a hankering to visit New Orleans soon.

I resurfaced because they are demolishing my bathroom today. Probably be a good idea to be available for questions. Although now that I have my iPhone couldn’t I just hide in the closet while they take pictures and send them to me? Not sure why I’m feeling like such a recluse these days. Maybe I’m saving up my social energy for traveling.

Note the lovely avocado green tile. It will not be missed. Neither will the toilet that never stops running. It’s going to look so nice. Almost worth staying in town to see it happen.

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