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There’s No Place Like Home

Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home. I love my home. My favorite place to be is here on the patio early in the morning with cup of coffee. It’s so peaceful listening to the birds talk and cicadas chirping. Until the suns starts to beat down and then it’s a full scale retreat to the indoor kingdom. No prisoners, every man for himself.

And now I’m ready to travel again! Have a trip scheduled for the end of July. Going to the biggest Geek convention in the known Universe – Comic-Con. Yee haa! San Diego here we come. A three-day weekend of supreme silliness punctuated with drinks by the pool or on the beach. It’s on my bucket list, so it’s a double win.

However, I have some major exploration in mind. Berlin and Moscow jockey for first place. Never been to Moscow but was in Berlin ages ago, before the wall came down. Went through Checkpoint Charley with in-laws in a car sporting military license plates. Brother in law at that time was some sort of big-cheese in the US Air Force. His wife instructed me to hold my passport up to the window and not look at them. Somebody had to look them because we got waved through.

East Berlin pre-wall tumbling down was bizarre. It was like stepping into a black and white Twilight Zone episode or the past. There were buildings still showing damage from WWII. Not much urban renewal visible. People drove around in cars with unpainted plywood instead of metal bodies. Didn’t see a flower or a smile the whole 4 hours we wandered around. No one spoke above a whisper except us. Hopefully the situation is drastically different now. But, my potential destination is West Berlin. Don’t really want to go back to the east side.

Why West Berlin is on my agenda is a mystery. I will figure it out in a beer garden when I get there. Anyone want to go with me?

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