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She’s Gone off the Rails


Well I’ve done it again. My latest earth shattering discovery is that computers and Ambien don’t play well together. I woke up this morning, checked out the blog and lo and behold it was completely changed. **rips out hair** I was twiddling with the layout last night. Today I don’t like the new one at all. To had insult to injury it had a big fat Google Ad right in the middle of it. Asked Mr. Husband what he thought of the new layout. “Too generic” was his opinion. I agree and changed it back. Hopefully no one noticed.

I decided a while ago that Amazon.com was off-limits after the nite nite pill. But now that rule is amended. Computer’s are to be off, not in sleep mode, at bed time. I can read or write things on paper, but that’s it. That is where the line is drawn. Right there – no farther. Continue reading →

Confessions of a Blog Newbie

mabel strickland circa 1935

This is a huge belated thank you to any and all people involved in getting my blog post about DVDs on the Freshly Pressed page. I also apologize for being such a total newbie that it took me a while to figure out what happened. Not exactly sure of how this actually came about, but even if it was pure luck I’m going to roll with it and be happy.

I decided to start blogging in on December 21, 2010, a little more than a month ago. Wrote the first post and hit the publish button on December 23, 2010, 2 days later. Chose WordPress because I liked the selection of layouts and the blog that I have been following for years uses it. Stumptuous.com, a great sight for real women to get into weight training.

The next few days I fiddled around with the widgets and  a created an ‘about me’ page.  I just wanted to write. Had a blizzard of jumbled thoughts and ideas bouncing around the brain pan and had a desperate need to get them out. There are a gazillion Blogs floating around. Many them populated by actual human beings.  Talented and creative, these bloggers have varied and fascinating things to say. Faced with all this, I was convinced that it would be a good long time for anyone to discover my little blog, off in the weeds.

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