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1,000 Likes Today – Hot Diggity

The little pull down gadget on the blog dashboard popped up this 1,000 total likes notice yesterday. It made me smile and I did a happy dance. Of course I tried to immediately recant, repent and all that good stuff. “It shouldn’t matter whether or not anyone likes my writing” blah, blah, blah.

Well phooey on that! It does matter…a lot. It’s the best feeling in the world to receive an indication that I’m not alone on this journey on planet earth and that I have anything to contribute that matters to others.

So today I’m sending out big hugs, and kisses and a big gigantic THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all you readers that take time out of your day to stop by. Because time is the most precious gift of all. It can not be purchased or traded. And no one knows how much time they have available.

I also want to thank the wonderful WordPress people who spend their days making all these fabulous gadgets to encourage us bloggers on our journey.

And then there is Mr. Husband who loves me, feeds and clothes me, provides the roof over my head, and puts up with my emotional squalls and typhoons on a daily basis. Thank you and I love you lots n lots, even more than my luggage…or my shoes…or anything else!

May the wind be always at you back and may your blog see lots of action. Hope you have a fabulous day. 🙂

3 Months Since Liberation

The 2 of Us

Decided to take a breather and look back at what has been going on since I started this blog. This is my 165th post to date. I started this blog to share my adventures in transition from worker bee to retired Queen bee 🙂 Today marks 3 months since that happened. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and getting better everyday.

Since that fateful day 3 months ago I took on a project of a lifetime.  My 23-year-old grandson is living with us for a while to get his feet back on the ground. There are good days and bad days but overall he’s making excellent progress. And so is Mr. Husband and yours truly.

When I started this blog I had no earthly idea how much fun it would be and how mind altering. I would like to thank Mr. Husband and all you people who read my ramblings. I love the comments and they always get me thinking about all the different ways to view any particular situation.

Every morning when I open my laptop and start reading is like Christmas morning. A big hug to each and everyone one of you for sharing my journey. It gets better everyday!

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