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Captcha? – Why Do I Have to Prove I’m Human?

captchaWhy Do I Have to Prove I’m Human? Seriously, I want to know. I pay taxes that should be proof enough! Ain’t nobody’s business but my own. Have the aliens landed and nobody fessed up?

Where I’m going with this is the dang “Captcha” feature on some blogs and other websites. You know, that annoying little tool that forces you to figure out the letters in nonsensical words and parrot them back. All it makes me want to do rip my hair out and toss my laptop out in the yard. A dangerous desire especially if I lose track of when the sprinklers come on. Sometimes I manage to get it right and other times I give up. I’ve even given up following some blogs and signing up for newsletters for this very reason.

I try to take the charitable point of view and think; well this blogger has soooo many replies that they need computeralogical help to sort out the nasty replies or spams. Then I try to tell myself I’m jealous. That doesn’t work because I’m not really a jealous type of person. I applaud with joy the success of others. And if Mr. Husband decided to get a woman on the side? Well that would be a very stupid thing to do. His loss and I wish them both the best after I burn all his belongs in a great bonfire of rage. OK, maybe a teeny bit jealous.

To me, using Captcha is like inviting someone into your home and then making them solve a Rubik’s cube before you serve them a drink. It’s just not neighborly.

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