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EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us

EXCLUSIVE: The ’lost’ cell phone project, and the dark things it says about us.

By Bob Sullivan

What would you do if you found a smart phone on the subway or at a coffee shop? If you’re like most Americans, you’d rummage through the phone looking for photos, emails and even private banking information. And the chances are only 50-50 that you would try to return the phone. (more in article above)

phone thief


The good sisters at the  Catholic book store I worked at many years ago used to say “locks only help to keep honest people honest.” They took the line from the Lord’s prayer seriously: “Lead me not into temptation…and deliver us from evil.” Avoiding temptation has pulled my fat from the fire many a time. Of course there are the times that I go looking for temptation, but that’s another story.

I don’t know what I did before I had my handy-dandy Iphone. It runs my life. Reminds me about appointments a day and then an hour in advance. Tells me when to take a pill, turn the water off in the backyard, take the teabags out of the hot water so I don’t over steep the ice tea. The map function is a can’t live without benefit. But I don’t even have the darn thing password protected. Why? Because it’s inconvenient. How lazy is that?

Losing my phone and having my entire life flash before a thief’s eyes is way more inconvenient.  The article above has led to me rethink my security policy. My little helper now has a pass code with the “erase all data on phone after 10 failed pass code attempts” featured enabled. This change will also be a kick in the behind to back up my phone on a regular basis. Something I’ve been a tad lax about.

Would I be an honest citizen? I certainly hope so. But I would have to look through the phone to find out who it belongs to. Maybe my phone needs a label on the back or something, just to help an honest person be honest. We all need help now and then.

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