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Tech Heaven – The My Book Live

My Book LiveThe Hubman, his friend and I did our usually Friday night frolic of dinner and consumerism. After dinner we went to the computer store to pick up my ailing desktop that has been in the gadget hospital. Turns out it had a defective ram chip which was causing all kinds of wonky hideous glitches and crashes. At one point I had become convinced that it was possessed by the devil and should be tossed into a raging bonfire. But the tech gods fixed it. Yay!

After stashing the computer in the truck we went back inside to scour the store for anything new and interesting or on sale.  We usually scatter and snoop around in our own area of interest.  I stumbled across the My Book Live. The clouds parted and the angels sang. The solution I’ve been looking for!  I’ve been waiting for someone to invent or for me to discover such a device. I had been toying for years the idea of setting up a home media server, but it seemed too complicated to bother with.

The short of it is that I now possess my own personal data cloud. Booyah! It was easy to set up. Pretty much just plug and play. Before I had all my snippets of writing, blog posts, short stories, pictures spread all over 3 computers a Kindle Fire and my iPhone. It was getting quite out of hand and confusing. Now all my stuff is in one location that I can access from or save to the My Book server, no matter what gadget I’m using or where I am. Oh the happiness.

I can also store pictures and movies on it and watch or listen in the living room, out in the back yard, hanging in the closet or luxuriating in the bathtub. For a tech geek like me, it just doesn’t get any better. The My Book with 2 terabytes of storage, which is a lot of space, cost $149 plus tax. Well worth it in my opinion.

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