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Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Mr. Husband and I went to see Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 yesterday. I was so stoked and loved every minute of it. Mr. Husband sighed and fidgeted and laughed at things that weren’t supposed to be funny. There were a few times that I was tempted to kick him, but managed to control myself.

The Twilight Saga seems to be one of the series of books and movies that people either absolutely love to the point of fanaticism, or loathe beyond all reason. Hubman and I are definitely in opposite camps on this one. He likes the manly man, blow up everything, 15 minute car chase, and shoot every anything that moves, The Dirty Dozen type of movies.

I like some of them too. The Matrix series and Bladerunner are pretty violent, but there’s enough lovey dovey stuff in there to make up for it. The characters against all odds end up loving each other and doing things like, eeeww, kissing in public, and even, dare I say it, make love on occasion. Oh my God. That just ruins all the delicious violence for some guys, I guess.

We ended up having a humongous 2 day long fight, with tears, cold shoulders and the whole bit over the subject of whether or not he would accompany me to this movie. I’ve been looking forward to it since that the very second after Breaking Dawn Part 1 ended. His response the first time I asked him to go with me a couple of months ago was “I don’t really don’t want to. Can’t you go with someone else?” He conveniently does not remember this. I didn’t want to go with someone else dammit! I wanted to go with my husband!

What really got me worked up into a world of hurt was thinking back over the last few months. He’s been really busy with annoying attorneys, working on some Masters of the Universe business deal. His mother got diagnosed with breast cancer, but she’s going to be fine, they caught it very early. All this stuff has been going and I’ve been sort of sneaking around like a house mouse feeling ignored and neglected.

I’ve tried to be adult, understanding, patient and all that good stuff, but then it hit me. Over these last few months I’ve asked for ONE THING and got turned down. That’s one of my hot buttons. In my life it’s very difficult to ask for help or anything else because “no” hurts a lot. As a result I rarely asked for anything. So I asked him during this fight to think back and tell me what is that one thing that I’ve asked for. Just one thing, think about it, Bubba.

He launched on his usual tirade about he doesn’t know what I want; he doesn’t know what to do to make me happy. I responded with “well you could make a good start by just listening to me. It’s not really as difficult as you make it sound.” Come on try again. Think back again. I ask you “what is the one thing that I’ve asked of you in the last 3 or 4 months?”

I could practically see his brain churning. Then he got a look of incredulity on his face that was almost comical. He said “is this about that movie?” My answered “Yes, this is about that movie, but it’s more than just the movie. It’s the fact you turned me down when I asked you for one little thing. I haven’t asked you for anything else. I haven’t asked for expensive stuff, or long weekends at the spa, or a trip to the moon. I asked you for 2 hours of your time to do something that I enjoyed and you turned me down!”

So anyway, we went to the movie. Came home had another fight, cried, made up again and decided that we really need to work on our communication skills.

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