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My Cloud is Full…WTF?

get off my cloud

Hey you, get off my cloud

Got this cheery message from Apple recently informing that my cloud was full. Then it asked me to rent more cloud space for only X dollars per month. My immediate response was “what the f@@& are you talking about? I didn’t even know I had a cloud and now it’s full?” That’s just scary. I have deliberately avoided climbing into the cloud. What is in this cloud of mine anyway? I suddenly felt stripped naked. Did someone else fill up my cloud? Are there pictures in there? Oh my God.

Then I calmed down and thought about it. It confirms my theory that Micro$oft is the anti-Christ. Or was, now everyone has hopped on the band wagon. How did I get from Apple to Microsoft in one fell swoop? Hear me out now, please. Years ago there was talk of “renting” rather than selling software. The big stink was that you would never actually own the software on your computer. The trouble with selling software is that you only get to charge for it once. If you put the software out there on the cloud and it’s used without actually transferring ownership, well… you can charge for it again and again. Pretty nifty huh?

Along with the convenience of everything going digital, like iTunes download and so forth, is the problem who actually owns it is getting to be a sticky wicket.  Have you ever lost your iTunes or other digital forms music and videos? Have you ever tried to get them back? Ha…good luck with that. I know it’s possible, or so I’ve heard. But, I’ve never been able to do it.

Now with this cloud…all your data is sucking up into the internet and you supposed to pay to keep it there, when you didn’t want it there in the first place. What’s the point of having a computer at all? Just access you data anywhere. Riiiiggght, says the wolf to little red riding hood. Well my friends, that may be where we are headed.

I’m an environmentalist, but after this latest adventure on the cloud I’m seriously considering putting my data back on paper and removing it from my computer. You know, just in case this cloud turns into a typhoon or a tornado and my stuff ends up scattered all over the digital planet.

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