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Spam Glorious Spam

Jammin with Spam

Been working diddling around the WordPress dashboard today. I got to browsing the spam folder. Some of them are really funny. I’m not sure why they are worded the way the are. Someone with an English as second language problem perhaps. Or computer generated. Some junk blogs I’ve come across seem almost spooky. Run by and for robots. Nary a human interaction. Link Farms galore. So people really make money from this doing this? I can’t imagine any other reason other than an overwhelming desire to annoy the living Be-Jeebus out of legit bloggers. But, I don’t claim to understand exactly what is going on. Just thought I’d share some of the funnier ones with y’all today. Happy Friday 🙂

  • Spam comment: Excellent publish. I just stumbled upon your site and also wished to state that I have really enjoyed searching your blog posts. Whatever the case I’m going to be subscribing to your own give food to and I we do hope you create again quickly!  Uh, thanks, I think? 
  • Spam comment: hi-ya i found your site today and I have read some great posts over here. I just wanna thanks you for sharing gratis sex so we all can learn about it!  Say what? Did I write an Ambien induced post about sex? 
  • Spam comment: This is often wondrous. Every stare upon good results substance so we are surprised. We are most certainly fascinated by one of these meals. Among appreciate slimmer s tip, and estimate the effort inside this. Please keep updating. They’re materially vital data gather which will give your observer an extremely clear out facts and figures.   I’m speechless. Meals? I don’t cook.
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