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Painting With a Twist

Painting with a twistMy sweetie pie of a girlfriend arranged an evening at the Painting With a Twist shop as belated birthday present. I never heard of it before she suggested it. I’m so glad she did. We had soooo much fun.

Painting With a Twist is a venue that offers you an evening of guided painting. They provide the canvas, paint brushes, paint, etc. and you bring wine and cheese or whatever snicky snacks you prefer. The session is arranged by going online to their website and choosing a picture. Then you sign up for the date that instructions for the picture if offered.

The instructor takes about 15 people through a 2 hour guided tour of how to paint a picture. There are times when you take a break to let your painting dry a little between layers, so we all wandered around with our wine comparing paintings and talking with the other people in the shop.

I’ve dabbled in painting but never had any formal training, so I learned a lot just from that one sitting. I’m hooked and fully intend to make a habit of doing this. We had a blast.

Painting with a twist2

My first painting using acrylics

Gird Your Loins – I Went to Walmart


Went hog wild at Wally World and spent $20.34 on assorted craft stuff. Only went 34 cents over budget. It’s funny, I allow myself $20 in the hobby shop and $20 in a casino, excluding drinks. Wonder what myself is trying to tell me. Maybe increase my fun budget?

Bought stencils, glue stick, paint brushes, yarn, and giant crochet needle in case I decide to remove my own brain through my nostril. This idea almost came to fruition after standing 2nd in line for 30 minutes in the 10 items or less line. The cashier was operating at half the speed of smell. I told myself that if I had to be a cashier there I probably wouldn’t be too peppy either and tried not to sigh (audibly).

Finally recuperating from 40 years on the job. At the stage now where I want to try some artsy crafty type things. Going to try painting with bleach on some old T-shirts first. I like the burned out, punk/grunge look that it gives to an old shirt. Run over them with the car a few times and it’s a fashion statement.

crochet laptop bag

crochet laptop bag

Also going to crochet a sort of vestish type thing to wear over tank tops, now that I’ve banned my bras. (Thank you Pat Bean, for the vest suggestion) Saw one in a shop in Houston last weekend for $158 dollars. Good grief, I thought it was a typo, but the sales girl assured me that it was the absolute latest thing. A must have.

Very well if I must have it. I’ll make it myself. Works good for a vest, not so good for a car or bicycle. The learning curve on those is just time-consuming. And the raw materials? Geez Looweez. Mr. Husband would object to a steel foundry installed in the garage, anyway. That would mean his truck wouldn’t fit in there. And our air con bill would go way up.

My first foray back into crochet land was this lap top bag in the picture above. I’m going to get a library card at the place 5 seconds from house and visit frequently to write and get away from the drone of the TV. Going to try this bag as a simple easy solution instead of the huge hideous black plastic laptop briefcase/brick of honor from my corporate days.

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