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Don’t Wait Until You are Thirsty To Drink Water – Oh Please.

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“Don’t Wait Until You are Thirsty To Drink Water. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink water, you are already dehydrated.”  Hogwash. This is a ridiculous and unfounded statement. And an excellent example of how a concept mutates from advertising ploy, to urban myth, to an alleged statement of fact. What really scares me is that it goes all the way to healthcare professionals. They look you in the eye, mouthing these platitudes like they know what they talking about. I just think “sooo, mommy and daddy paid 5ooK for you to learn that?”

How did humans or any other animals survive through the ages if this were true? Animals drink when they are thirsty. Their brains signal this so that they drink, before they are dehydrated, not after. Same with humans. Study after study conducted state that for most people, thirst is an adequate guide for proper hydration. A quick Google pulled up this article from the Scientific American.

Truth is, many have searched around for where this myth started. Guess what. The bottled water industry started it. They claimed it was good for us. I don’t like it when an Ad agency decides what is good for me.

Cool Experiment

On one of my whirlwind tours through the college system I was forced to take a Sports Anatomy Class. The professor of this class was an unparalleled squirrel brain. One of the requirements for this class was that we all had to bring a bottle of water to class, and drink it. She checked it off on her attendance list. I felt violated and refused. No one tells me what to put in my mouth. No wise cracks please.

This professor was a vegetarian and insisted that this was the only way to live. I finally got fed up and challenged her in class one day. This was after listening to yet another statement that had no basis in fact. It was obvious that she was making this up as she went along. The statement was “when you eat meat it turns directly into fat in your stomach.” Hold the phone. I had three semesters of chemistry and have seen some pretty miraculous ‘this turns into that’ chemical high jinks. Never saw the meat turns into fat trick.

Another one of my faves is “Meat is not good for you as it clogs your thinking.” It clogs your thinking, hmm.  How exactly does it do that? Does my thinking have a clog in it? What would happen if the clog burst?. Would I run down the street  spewing thoughts over greater North Texas. That would be cool if it backed up long enough that I just coughed up a book one morning on the way to kitchen to get my coffee. Think of the possibilities. Maybe I’m on to something.

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