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Are You F*cking Kidding Me? (Facebook Song)

devil wears prada

Go away, you annoy me

I have the classic love/hate relationship with Facebook. But, now it’s leaning more towards to the hate side. Perhaps I’m more introverted than I thought. Or maybe I just don’t want to know every little teeny tiny detail of every minute of someone’s day. Does this make me a cranky old lady? Maybe it does. But being a cranky old lady, I don’t have to care. Boo yah!

I’m one of those lucky people who has to occasionally unfriend members of my own family when they take a dive of the deep end of the insanity pool.

A year or so ago, my daughter decided to go on a public Facebook rant about all my alleged short comings and abuses to her. Going all the way back to when I stuck her with a diaper pin by accident when she was a baby. (glue on diapers were not invented back then) She wouldn’t even know that if I hadn’t told her. It was an excellent verbal impression of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, including spewing green pea soup. She has my gift of descriptive language and so it was quite an impressive array of colorful cursing and accusations of things that I’m not quite sure are physically possible. Alcohol may have been involved.

She’s still unfriended because I refuse to refriend her until we talk about what happened and why she decided it would be a good idea to attack me publicly of Facebook. We’ve been at a stand off about it for over a year. *Sigh* I think something about that evil app causes people to lose their ever lovin minds.

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