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Stranded Overseas


My best friend has been stranded overseas for 20 years. And I miss her dearly. Why you might ask? No, it was not a natural disaster. She didn’t do anything illegal. She’s not locked up either. Her crime was that she dared to get sick away from home. She had breast cancer, and all the grueling treatments that go along with it. I’m mad as hell.

Below is a quote from James Glave, in his article Private Healthcare is Stranding Expats Away From Home that says people like my friend are:

living in “health-care exile,” a term that has emerged in expat circles in recent months to describe the unknown number of Americans who left the country at some point to pursue a relationship, care for of an aging overseas parent, or accept a job posting in a foreign land — but who now can’t return because they or their dependents are effectively uninsurable. Continue reading →

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