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Discount Beauty – I Don’t Recommend It.

Eyebrow Eyelash TintingThe saying you get what you pay for is never more true than in a Day Spa. This is one of those times that you could get more than your bargained for instead. A fungus, a headache from the fumes. Boil you alive in hot wax.

Would you like the works, Madame?

Well that depends, will I live through it?

I like to go to the day spa occasionally. Get a manicure, pedicure, shoulder massage. Tame the eyebrows a bit. What woman doesn’t enjoy it? When done well you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, so relaxing. Day spa’s formerly known as nail salons come and go around my town like dandelions. The one I’ve been going to lately looks like the Roman baths. Unfortunately, the head lady’s daughter spoils the ambiance occasionally by watching TV full blast, loud enough to rattle the windows. I avoid week day afternoons for this reason.

A new spa is my version of a new restaurant. I simply must try it! A new one opened up less than five minutes from my house. Not going to name any names, but it rhymes with Bollywood. My first clue should have been the enormous purple banner that proclaimed “Grand Opening, 50% off.” They weren’t lying either. Things went well, I was a compliant lump of bliss. Then the hook. You want your eyebrows waxed? Sure why not?

I never endured this beauty regimen before, but women talk about it all the time. It seems to be right up there in hygiene with brushing you teeth. Away I go to a room and the woman tells me to lie on the table. I’m getting little nervous now.  Lying down face up instead of face down in an office type room never bodes well unless scented candles are involved.  Is this going to hurt? Just a little. Should I flee? No I’m a grown woman. It would be embarrassing to run screaming from a Day Spa. Well it did hurt, a lot. Never have your skin ripped off before you have had a stiff drink, preferably a double shot.

I paid the bill and left. Vaguely wondering why they all stopped talking and were staring at me. Did I really scream that loud? When I got home Mr. Husband looked at me and said “Babe, what happened to your eyebrow?” I thought it was just really red until I went in the bathroom to check in the mirror. An entire half of my right eyebrow was gone. Oh, I get it now. 50% off means they take off half your eyebrow, not the whole thing. I never did say anything at work and nobody asked. It fun to leave people wondering.

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