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Unplugging is a Good Thing

On this chick trip I just returned from I brought a few gadgets with me; a laptop, Kindle and cell phone. I thought for sure that I would need or want to use the laptop at least once during the trip, but I was wrong. It stayed in my carry-on the entire trip; I never touched it or even thought about it. I did read my Kindle a bit the first day we got to the condo. But after watching the ocean for a few hours it ended up forgotten on the night stand and I didn’t read again for the rest of the time we were there.

I did use the cell phone to phone home to Mr. Husband every day or 2 so I kept it charged. Its main use was to look up possible restaurants on Urban Spoon. It’s a handy little app that uses your GPS location as a basis to find restaurants and has ratings, reviews, menus, etc.

sunset people watching

Sunset People Watching

We ate a lot of seafood, of course, being on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We had to be a bit choosy however since 1 person in our party doesn’t like fish. There were usually enough salad and meat options to keep her happy. We also had a lot of fun people watching at bars while watching the sunset. Some people really cut loose at the beach after a few brewskies. There was rather intoxicated woman who was having so much fun dancing with herself that people were filming her. Oh my, not really a G rated show. All that was missing was a stripper’s pole.

After finishing the people watching we decided to head to the Candy Kitchen for ice cream. It’s been there in Madeira Beach forever or at least 40 years. It has wild and crazy ice cream concoctions of course. But the most fun was browsing all the vintage candies; gum balls the size of baseballs, those little wax coke bottles with sugar syrup, candy cigarettes, wax lips, candy necklaces. I’ve never seen so many varieties of candy in my life. It was a fun blast from the past.

Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen

I hadn’t really planned to formally unplug – it just sort of happened. I did have a bit of bloggers guilt about the 3rd day I was there. I should write someone right? That’s was bloggers do. But I was too busy having a vacation and doing nothing in particular except exactly what I felt like doing at the moment, so blogging fell by the wayside.

The end result was a glorious feeling of total relaxation. I didn’t realize that I had much of anything to relax from, but it still happened and it was wonderful. So let it be written – so let it be done.

Hubman’s 50th Birthday On the Road

Hubman's  7 Sin Birthday cake

Hubman’s 7 Sins Chocolate Birthday cake

Yesterday was Mr. Husband’s big 50th birthday. What did he do on his birthday? He drove his wife and mother 538 miles for Jackson, Mississippi to Clear lake, Florida on this second day of our road trip. What a great guy. I think we’ll keep him. And maybe he’ll keep us. We have got along OK  much better than I thought we would.

I managed to find a halfway decent restaurant using the Urban  Spoon app on my Iphone. It was Italian Greek place that turned out to be excellent. For his birthday cake Hubman chose a huge piece cake call “7 Layers of Chocolate Sin.” I tried a bite of it and it was indeed sinfully delicious.

It was a long haul and it rained all day, but it wasn’t that bad trip.We’re hope to get to Miami earlier in the after noon to tomorrow to get settled into a hotel and visit the prospective bride and groom on there last few days of single hood. Then we’ll all be heading to down to Key West for the Wedding Saturday.  I’m looking forward to some beach time and relaxation, and drink lots of with little umbrellas in there 🙂

So tomorrow we will be on the road early as possible and skeedadled Miami. The soon to be newly weds life in a swanky high-rise right in downtown Miami on Brickell Ave. That’s a pretty prestigious address from what I recall when I lived in Miami many years ago.

I’m hoping that we get a chance to drive by the house in Miami that I lived in until  I was 15 years old. I wonder if the old banyan tree that I played in as a kid is still standing. That would be hoot if it still looks the same.

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