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The Bore Wars

I'll take the East Wing

Lock a man and a woman in a house together for 2 weeks, give them both a nasty head cold, turn the sky grey. What happens? Well it borders on blood shed. It is times like this that one needs an east and west wing on the house sporting armed guards bearing strict instructions to allow no trespass in between. Resorting to sleeping in separate rooms while embroiled in pestilence helps a bit. But that only solves the problem when man and wife are asleep. Mr. Husband and I have come close to murdering each other a few times.

We tried playing a few games together. Trouble with that is that both participants need to want to play at the same time. One of the things brought to mind during our bout of cabin fever is that a little good-natured ribbing is gasoline on the fire when not feeling well. It doesn’t help to tell someone they look like death warmed over or a hunk of hot liver when they actually feel that way. Well if you do, it must said in a spirit of deep loving concern with phone in hand preparing to call an ambulance.

So the Mr. Husband I got on each others nerves a bit. But I think somehow we’re stronger as a couple because of it. We had no choice. We didn’t feel like going out anywhere and no one wanted to come hang out. Eeww, the mere thought of that gives me a shiver. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “gracing you with my presence.” We had to learn how to get along at a whole new level. Part of the “for worse” part of marriage. We know that we can and will take care of each other for extended periods when the need arises.

Ain’t love grand? Marriage is just not like anything else. It is deeply rewarding and extremely challenging. I’m still glad I took the risk.

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