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Texas State Fair 2012

Big Tex

Mr. Husband and I went to the grand and glorious State Fair of Texas yesterday. We had a ton of fun and stayed almost 4 hours instead of our usual 2. I must be in better shape than I thought I was. Had been a bit worried a bit after getting some hellacious foot cramps from walking around a shopping mall last weekend.

This fair has been an annual event in Dallas for 125 years. It’s the largest state fair in the U.S.A. Every year they come up with some kind of crazy fried food. In years past there has been fried macaroni and cheese, fried snickers bars, fried cheese cake. This year they had chicken fried bacon, fried coke, fried butter and in the textile crafts pavilion they had a 6 foot tall cowboy boot carved from butter. You just never know what you’re going to see.

Girl Scout Exhibit

We always go to the car show.  It’s a hoot to gawk at the concept cars. This year’s fantasy motif seems to be painting the cars with a flat paint that looks like a primer coat. Sort of cool if you harbor fantasies of joining a gang. One of the cars last year was a corvette converted to a pool table. Now that I could picture in my house. Although where I would put I have no clue. I’d cross that bridge if and when I come to it.

We managed to show up on senior day again this year. We weren’t senior enough to get in free but who cares? We were some of the youngest people there so we felt like spring chickens; maybe that’s why we stayed for 4 hours

Speaking of chickens I forgot to go to the chicken show. Oh yes there is such a thing as a chicken show. Every kind of chicken God ever invented. An interesting hobby but a little too stinky for my tastes.

Corny Dog Love

We missed the pig races by an hour. Darn it all. If you’ve ever seen a pig race they are hilarious. Pigs have a mind of their own and don’t draw inside the lines, shall we say. The fact that any of them get around to crossing the finish line is bonus.

I passed on the fried food this year and even the fudge, but I did eat a Fletcher’s corny dog. That is something that everyone should eat once in their life. Later the Hubman ate a Frito pie and I ate a taco and an ice-cold beer. A good time was had by all!

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