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Hooray for Husbands!

Anniversary Flowers

Thursday was our 4th wedding anniversary. Mr. Husband and I have been together for 8 years. I think it’s gonna last. Go team go. We had dinner at Ruth Chris steak house. Ate a fabulous filet mignon. For dessert a chocolate explosion and Irish coffee. Oh the deliciousness.

Husbands are good stuff. Well mine is. I wouldn’t settle for less anymore. If you are married it’s a good idea to step back once in a while and make a mental list of the good things. When they’re on the sofa unshaven and foaming at the mouth over a foot ball game is probably not the time though.

Mr. Husband buys me flowers 🙂 He hugs me when I cry. He’s given up trying to ask me why or tell me not to. He moves heavy stuff around. He’s great for hiding behind when some weirdo comes to the door. Husbands make an excellent excuse. For example, someone asks me about something and I don’t want to do it or go there, I can stall with “well let me talk to my husband about it.” That excuse is wearing thin though, because those who know me well know that he couldn’t/wouldn’t stop me if I’ve made up my mind.

He puts air in my car tires. He threatens fax machines with a handgun on my behalf. OK, to be fair we heard a noise and thought it was a home invasion. But seriously, is there anyone out there that who has not wanted to kill a fax machine? They are such a pain.

Just for a hoot I Googled the word husband. I was rather shocked by the hits that showed up. After the usual dictionary definition of the word husband the very next link was “9 Signs Your Husband is Gay.” Is that really the number one question about husbands these days? Logical dictates that you sort this stuff out before the marriage. Who knows. I would want to know if I was the strawberry in my fiance’s champagne before we tied the knot. It was an article from the Huffington Post so maybe that shot it to the top of the search engine.

The next link on the list is myhusbandisannoying.com. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to devote an entire blog to how annoying your spouse is. To much concentrating on the negative for my taste. Mr. husband annoys me at times. But, I’m certain that I annoy him on a regular basis. A sure sign is that he rolls his eyes, huffs off to his office and closes the door.

Next in line was How to be a Good husband at wiki-how, followed by Money Stress: How to Talk to Your Husband or Wife About Money Matters. That’s one that Mr. Husband and I squabble about occasionally. Fortunately for us it’s more of a control issue than actual amount of money involved.

Next on the list is cheating husband, and then spanking a husband. Excuse me? Evidently there is one flavor of domination where the wife is boss and spanks the naughty hubby. Not my cup of tea. I have enough work being the boss of myself, thank you very much. And then there is the runaway husband. That’s just sad. Unless violence is involved and you are running for your life, it’s an honor-less, chicken shit way to end a relationship.

So anyway, hoorah for husbands. I love mine and that’s the truth!

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