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She’s Gone off the Rails


Well I’ve done it again. My latest earth shattering discovery is that computers and Ambien don’t play well together. I woke up this morning, checked out the blog and lo and behold it was completely changed. **rips out hair** I was twiddling with the layout last night. Today I don’t like the new one at all. To had insult to injury it had a big fat Google Ad right in the middle of it. Asked Mr. Husband what he thought of the new layout. “Too generic” was his opinion. I agree and changed it back. Hopefully no one noticed.

I decided a while ago that Amazon.com was off-limits after the nite nite pill. But now that rule is amended. Computer’s are to be off, not in sleep mode, at bed time. I can read or write things on paper, but that’s it. That is where the line is drawn. Right there – no farther. Continue reading →

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