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Having Trouble Letting Go

Wear Once and Toss @ bunchesofjoy.com

I’m having trouble letting go of my old office clothes. And the things I might fit in again someday clothes, the just in case T-shirts, and the junk jewelry to match. The list goes on… Thought it was going to be easy. Maybe even fun, but I was wrong wrong wrong.

They are representatives of fear, regret and way to much money spent on stuff to “fit in” and look anonymous and nonthreatening. There is a certain comfort in ugly anonymous clothes. Part of me is keeping them in case I ever find the need to work in an office again. Yuck. But I hated the office, the clothes, the whole stifling atmosphere. So why keep them? It doesn’t make sense to my logical self. But the scaredy cat self is hanging on for dear life.

I feel like a smoker who quits but doesn’t toss the cigarettes in case they “need” them or the boozer who keeps a pint stashed somewhere. Is there a clothes horse anonymous? Maybe I need to go to meetings. What would they be wearing?

I have to admit to myself and another human being the exact nature of my wrongs and make amends wherever possible. I have to admit that I have no control over this clothing obsession and give all this stuff to charity. Somewhere there is someone who is starting out in the office world and doesn’t want to spend and arm and a leg for the uniform.


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