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1,000 Likes Today – Hot Diggity

The little pull down gadget on the blog dashboard popped up this 1,000 total likes notice yesterday. It made me smile and I did a happy dance. Of course I tried to immediately recant, repent and all that good stuff. “It shouldn’t matter whether or not anyone likes my writing” blah, blah, blah.

Well phooey on that! It does matter…a lot. It’s the best feeling in the world to receive an indication that I’m not alone on this journey on planet earth and that I have anything to contribute that matters to others.

So today I’m sending out big hugs, and kisses and a big gigantic THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all you readers that take time out of your day to stop by. Because time is the most precious gift of all. It can not be purchased or traded. And no one knows how much time they have available.

I also want to thank the wonderful WordPress people who spend their days making all these fabulous gadgets to encourage us bloggers on our journey.

And then there is Mr. Husband who loves me, feeds and clothes me, provides the roof over my head, and puts up with my emotional squalls and typhoons on a daily basis. Thank you and I love you lots n lots, even more than my luggage…or my shoes…or anything else!

May the wind be always at you back and may your blog see lots of action. Hope you have a fabulous day. 🙂

Mantastic Mondays


Since I retired a year ago, Monday has become my favorite day of the week. I have a whole list of reasons so that’s what I’m a gonna do. List them:

  1. I can practice gratitude: Thank you, Mr. Husband, for giving me this glorious opportunity and the time of my life. You are why I named this post Mantastic Monday. You da man!
  2. I’m not at work yet, and don’t have to work at all, instead I’m on the patio drinking coffee and blogging.
  3. I can pretend it doesn’t exist and go back to bed I want to, even stay there all day. Don’t have to answer to a task master at the corporate mill.
  4. I can go shopping on a slow day, instead of joining the teeming masses in their mad scramble to consume on weekend days.
  5. I have the whole week ahead of me so I can weasel my way out of any self-inflicted guilt trip on what I “should” be doing. Got 4 more days to get it done. Boo Yaaa!
  6. When the phone rings in the evenings I don’t get that old sinking feeling of “oh shit, what did I forget to do today?” It could wait till morning, but most bosses seem to feel it is their right and duty to call you at home and bitch about something.  Funny, they never call you at home to tell you what a fantastic job you are doing the other 98% of your time at the grindstone.
  7. The sprinklers are not coming on today and neither are the yard men so I can run around naked and with a bubble maker if I so choose. We have a 7 foot wood fence around the back yard so if someone wants to see in, they have to make an effort. And that’s their problem not mine 😛 And furthermore, seeing a 57 year old grandma running around in her birthday suit will send them running to better peeping grounds, I’m sure.
  8. I don’t schedule anything for Mondays if I can possibly avoid it. My Mondays are sacred!
  9. On Mondays for some reason my brain is off the wall even more than usual and I spend considerable time pondering deep thoughts like; do days of the week have a flavor, or a scent?

Now Tuesdays, that’s another story for another day.

Blog Award Nominations – A Belated Thank You

versatilebloggerawardI started blogging in December 2010. It’s been a wild and crazy experience. Learned a lot about myself. That was a big surprise because I thought I knew it all. I’ve received several award nominations during this time. But, I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t. However,  I’m on a gratitude kick lately and decided that just feeling gratitude is not enough. Need to say out loud in front of witnesses.

So today I’m tossing my neurosis, (or at least one of them) to the winds and sending out a belated thank you to all of you who read this blog. And a belated Thank you times 2 to those who nominated me for an award. I feel all warm and cuddly today and need to express gratitude as in saying “thank you.” Looking back I realize that I didn’t respond to these gifts of recognition because I pre-judged myself not worthy and therefore had nothing to say. I forgot that not accepting a gift denies the giver of the joy of giving.

General rules of the awards are:

1.     Thank the person that awarded you (better late than never)

stylish Blogger

Thank you and hugs to ZenMoJo and CountOnCross for a nomination for Versatile Blogger.

Thank you and hugs to TheDeeZone and LiveInHusband for nomination for Stylish Blogger.

And a big thank you and hugs to everyone who has listened to my ramblings for the past year and a half 🙂

2.     List 7 Things about me.
  1.  Mr. Husband called me a housewife recently. I was so happy and shocked that I almost started crying. I’ve wanted to be one all my life just never got the chance. It took 56 years to get here.
  2.  I’m a good cook but took a little 25 year break. Now I need scrape the rust off my cook pots and prove it…again
  3.  I love to read SciFi, Steampunk, and historical fiction novels. Have been known to read non-stop for weeks on end, taking breaks occasionally only to eat, shower, or sleep
  4. I  Love to travel and have visited every continent except Australia and Antarctica.  The longest trip taken in one gulp was 4 months in Japan.
  5. I like to choreograph dance to music in my head. That’s why my attention wanders off occasionally. I also do it in my sleep.
  6. I’m a Goth/Edwardian/Victorian ere enthusiast and actually own a beautiful black silk brocade corset. (no one knows because I don’t wear miniature hats, and striped stockings…yet…:)
  7. I think this world is a wonderful and hilarious place to live. Incredibly glad I got invited here by whatever God or power who is in charge of the universe.

3.     Passing the good stuff on.  There are so many great bloggers out there it’s difficult to narrow it down to a few but here goes:

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