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Here There Be Gremlins

gremlinsI may need to call in a Shaman or go get to Whole Foods and get some sage to burn or stop by the local church for some holy water. Our house seems to be infested with technological gremlins or gerbils. They are furiously busy mucking things up around here. The first gadget to go down was my main computer. It unceremoniously croaked and there was smoke coming out of it, filling up my office, so we had to take it to the computer hospital. $200 later it returned home.

The next thing to go was the lamp on the Big Screen TV in the den. I whispered a secret “yippee” until I found out that the replacement lamp and a backup was $300. Not so funny after all.

And now our refrigerator decided to stop making ice. I don’t really care because I rarely use ice at home. Mr. Husband does though. To him a soda just isn’t a soda without ice in it. We foolishly assumed this would be a simple fix so I called up the Sears repair department to send out a man to fix it. $500 later we still don’t have ice and are waiting for a replacement motherboard for the fridge to come. Then we call them back out to install it.

A motherboard for a fridge??? Who knew? There is all this noise out there in the Hi-tech world about having a “smart house” and everything controlled from your computer or phone. I shudder to think what would happen if the mother board for your house went out. Would everything malfunction at once? What would happen during a power outage? Would you be locked in or out of your house? Could you house catch a computer virus and start spying on you or broadcasting images of you in the midst of your daily hygiene routine?

I know I can get a little out there when I start thinking about possible scenarios, but I’m leaning towards not having a house that is smarter than I am.

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