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The Alley Less Travelled

Gum Wall

Bubble Gum Wall Seattle

Seattle is a fascinating town. Way more that I imagined it would be. My cousin, who lives here, is an angel. She is herding us here and there. Some of the out-of-the-way places are a hoot. Yesterday we went to the gum wall. Artistic and sort of icky at the same time. We examined it closely, but didn’t touch it.

Fabulous lunch today at a Sushi slash Tiki bar. Interesting combination of flavors. Our waiter was friendly in an air head sort of way. He brought us the check and disappeared without taking payment. About 30 minutes later he ran in the front door. (never saw him leave) We asked him to take our payment and he said “oh shit” and mumbled something about petting a dog. OK, whatever, just let us out of here soon or it will be time to order dinner.

Mr. Husband has been living up while I’m gone. He went to a Mavericks game. Tomorrow a rangers game and then dinner with his mom.

Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there.

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