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It’s Good For You – Sez Who?

hate to exercise

I H8 to exercise

Who died and made you God? That’s the question I always want to ask Mr. Husband and anyone else who says this to me. Or stuff like “Do you want to go to the gym today?” My answer “not only no, but HELL no.” But, it will be good for you. How do you know that? Maybe I’ll go flying off the back of the tread mill and topple half the old folks on the mills behind me. A geriatric grand slam. Why is that contraption call a tread mill anyway? Perhaps it sounds better than calling it the death march machine. You walk for an hour and never get anywhere. Hmmm, maybe the twilight zone machine is a better name.

Why do people try to guilt trip you into this stuff? If I took every pill and supplement that was touted as “good for me” I wouldn’t have any room in my stomach left for food. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I prefer food to pills. Well ok if the pills are fun, that’s different. But most are not fun.

Have you listened to some of the warnings for side effects on TV pill ads lately? Liver failure, cancer, sudden death, astral projection, exploding spleen? Honey, I could do that the on my own time through drinking, smoking and partying myself to death and have much more fun. I much rather go suddenly from one too many tequila shots than take a pill for something that I don’t have now but may get in the future, according to pharmaceutical companies.

As for exercise, I got plenty the last few weeks, thank you very much. I walked all over the beach in Tampa and then the French Quarter in New Orleans. Earned a free pass for a few days, in my opinion. If I bought every exercise gadget claiming to be good for me, I could open my own gym in the garage and make good money too. Think about it, 500 people sign up and pay monthly but only 2 show up on a given day. What a racket. Well maybe not. The liability insurance alone would be a killer. OK, never mind.

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