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Mother Nature Throws a Come as You Are Party


North Texas Hail the Morning After

Mother Nature threw a wild frat party last night here in North Texas. She spared us her grand finale of Tornadoes, but it was quite a wing ding. People up in Oklahoma and Arkansas were not so lucky. There were some fatalities.

The party started suddenly with a crack of thunder that sounded like a gun shot. I shrieked, our dog jumped on the bed, and the cat scooted under the bed. Husband laughed and said “it’s only thunder sweetie.” Then came the clacking on the roof and that “uh oh” feeling. Nothing to do but ride it out.

I attended the party in my pajamas. Mr. Husband, always in high style, attended in his birthday suit and sandals. We watched out the window for a while as the hail got bigger, until it started banging the windows. At that point we retreated to the bedroom.

Husband worried about to his truck and the roof. I worried about the windows, flowers, and the Crepe Myrtle. He said toe-may-to and I said toe-maa-to. Then he surprised me by saying “oh well, that’s what insurance is for.” A few years ago I would have had to lash him to the bed post with bungee cords to stop him from running around the house in a frenzy. Maybe I am rubbing off on him just a bit.

The storm took about 15 minutes to pass on down the road. We heard reports of golf ball sized hail and car windows smashed out just a few miles east of us. Very lucky indeed are we.

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